General Pastors Conference

2013 ELS General Pastors Conference

Site: Best Western Plus at Mall of America, Bloomington, MN

Dates: October 2-4, 2013


  • Exegetical: Romans 2 (with special emphasis on vss. 14-16) – Nicholas Proksch
  • Doctrinal: The Two Kingdoms – Jonathan Madson
  • Historical: The World of Thought in Which Luther Was Trained – Thomas Rank
  • Homiletical: Teaching Comparative Theology from the Pulpit – Mark Bartels

2012 ELS General Pastors Conference Papers


Blessed is the Man. Blessed are all who trust in Him. (Download PDF)
Approaching the Christological Nature of the Psalms
Pastor Steven Sparley

How Did Paul Engage Others with Jesus in Athens? (Download PDF)
Acts 17:16–‐34
Pastor Timothy Hartwig

Lutheran Spirituality and the Pastor (Download PDF)
President Gaylin R. Schmeling

Te Deum Laudamus (Download PDF)
History and Use
Pastor James Krikava

 2011 ELS General Pastors Conference

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